Here is my entries for the 100-lines-or-less-js ArcGIS entry.
I definitly wasn’t doing what was expecting, trying to code a full feature webpage instead of a nice autonomous component. Must it was quite fun to code.

Discover a world of music on a map

This app uses both the ArcGIS API for JavaScript and the Souncloud API, to discover the music from the world while browsing a map.

3 Modes of discovering are implemented

  • Travel&Discover: Navigate freely on the map. The local music of the area will automatically plays
  • Play On Click: Disable navigation and force the app to play only the music you have chosen when you select it from an icon’s popup
  • Registered Travel: Display the menu to let you choose between the available travels. Just see and listen!

The music are subject to be changed or removed from soundcloud, so I guess this tools with stop working properly within some years. It’s a shame that they removed their geolocation API disabling the posibility to dynamically select the data.

You can find the 100-line code in