Bacon confit

A medieval receipe, full of spices, it may reveal mervellous tastes. This one could be name a bacon confit: medium pieces of bacon slowly cooked in its own fat with overtasty spices.


  • As much thick bacon as possible
  • As much spices as possible among:
    .. cinnamon
    .. anise
    .. unpeeled garlic
    .. ginger
    thyme in branch
  • A shooter of water

This is the spices I used, but you can use different ones (chili, coriander,…)


  1. Remove the skin from the pieces of bacon. Save all the fat from the skin with a knife and put it the frying pan.
  2. Start the frying pan at medium/low fire to get the fat off the pieces
  3. Get rid of the bones and cut the bacon into large dices
  4. You may remove the fat from the pan (even if I’d recommand not to do it) and put all the ingredients in it. Don’t be shy on the spicies
  5. Cook it at low fire for 2 hours at least, while stiring from time to time.
  6. Serve with toothpicks for aperitif or with brown bread to eat it as a regular menu.