Bakpacking makes it difficult to keep on developing, that’s why I needed a small project to keep updated with the developer world.
A quick look on share expenses app on the play store revealed that all of them have an old design or are too complex for this simple usage.

Now here it is!

As a developer point of view, here some very quick thinking of some Android features or library I haven’t used before

About ActionBar

The ToolBar is as good and flexible as expected compared to the ActionBar.
I can only advice to use it.

About Bindings

One should not expect too much from android bindings. I was very disapointed by the API, more about this:

About RecyclerView

I got a lot of statisfaction to see in the RecyclerView some pattern we developed internally in my company before the introduction of this component.
Forget the ListView, if not already done.

About Cell/Fragment/Activity communication

Bus event system is a go to avoid crapy getActivity, dangerous casting, strong coupling and redudant setter.
The only problem comes from the message origin and answer system which is not supported by common bus android libraries.

About Snackbar

Snackbar is a beautiful UI pattern. But it has one technical problem: it needs access to the CoordinatorLayout. Which means it must be done in the activity while the instigator is usually a fragment or a list’s cell.

That’s why all my app Snackbar are coded in the generic abstract Activity, called via Bus:

public void onEvent(final ExpenseRemoved event) {
if (!isActive()) {
final CoordinatorLayout coordinatorLayout = (CoordinatorLayout) findViewById(R.id.coordinator);

Snackbar.make(coordinatorLayout, R.string.expense_snack_deleted, Snackbar.LENGTH_LONG).setAction(R.string.cancel, new View.OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View view) {
DataManager.get().saveExpense(event.trip, event.expense);

Snackbar.make(coordinatorLayout, R.string.expense_snack_restored, Snackbar.LENGTH_SHORT).show();


Ion is awesome. Easy to use and efficient, I can recommend it has a network library over Volley


FishBun is a good to go library if you want an image picker.


Glide is a good choice as an image loader library. I find it better than Volley.

About recyclable-no-scrollable layout

Picture in your mind a ListView that is added on the bottom of the page.

The page is big and the List goes far into the bottom, so the top parent must be a ScrollView to be able to see everything. But the List contains a lot of data: recycling is mandatory for performance.

Still no solution to implements this use-case, which I often see in design. Here my stackoverflow question:

Nouvelle Zélande: L île du Nord en vélo

Tout le monde le dit, et c’est vrai: la nouvelle zélande est un pays superbe. Que l’on parle de la gentillesse des habitants ou des paysages.
Exemple en photos ici et ça n’est que l’île du nord:

Waiheke island

La campagne au sud d’Auckland

Campagne plus lointaine

Waikato river


N’y allez surtout pas, 80 $NZ pour pas grand chose. Ou alors il faut être méga fan

Lac Taupo


Très touristique. On y trouve des gens absolument pas préparés dans des chemins de montagne (bien aménagés certes).

Great Walk Te Ureweha

Sur le chemin, je me pète la gueule en vélo, ensanglante le sac de couchage le soir, et fini par trouver une clinique le lendemain.
Le médecin m’invite chez lui pour la nuit et me paye son cidre artisanal!

Dans les bush

A quoi ressemble une forêt quasiment intouchée par l’homme.

Côte est

Forêt après la pluie. Impossible de trouver où planter ma tente la veille. Je m’invite dans le jardin d’une maison perdue. Super acceuil! La mère avait même préparé une troisième boite à picnic pour moi le lendemain matin ^^.

Lac Wairarapa

Sortie de Pakuratahi

A faire absolument à pied ou en vélo si vous restez quelques jours du côté de Wellington. Le retour en vélo par la plage le long du Rimutaka est magique.